Temporary Policies for Recreation Facilities

23rd June 2021

According to the development of the epidemic and the government’s guidelines, Recreation Department will modify the facilities’ guidelines. The guidelines will become effective from 24th June 2021 (Thursday) until further notice. Details are as follows:

  • Ÿ Except playing sports activities, all persons in the facilities must wear mask. (Not included the Exercise Room)
  • Ÿ Keep social distance at least 1.5 meters.
  • Ÿ 4 persons in each private group training or class including the coach.
Facilities                Guidelines*
Swimming Pool
  • Maximum capacity of Outdoor Swimming Pool allows 55 persons.
  • ŸMaximum capacity of Indoor Swimming Pool allows 25 persons.
  • ŸTemporarily closed of Jacuzzi.
  • Users are not allowed to enter the pool when reached the maximum capacity.
  • ŸEach membership only accompanies a maximum of 1 guest.
  • ŸEach private swimming course only accompanies a maximum of 2 guests.
Exercise Room
  • ŸAny persons within the Exercise Room are required to wear a mask.
  • ŸPart of GYM machines equipped partition.
  • ŸThe machines and equipment must be cleaned and disinfected by users before and after each use.
  • ŸMaximum capacity of 16 persons. (12 quotas for members, 4 quotas for guests)
  • ŸEach person is limited to 1.5 hours.(Including Monthly Programme and Single Admission)
  • ŸEach membership only accompanies a maximum of 1 guest.
  • ŸMaximum capacity of 4 persons in each machine.
Ball Courts
  • ŸOnly 1 table of Snooker Room for reservation.
  • ŸA group of over 4 persons must be in sub-groups of 4 persons.
  • ŸUsers may only enter the Ball court within their reserved sessions only.
  • ŸMaximum capacity of 4 persons in each waiting area.
Dancing Room or

Multi-function Room

  • ŸAs the Staffs’ COVID-19 vaccination rate does not meet the Government requirements, the KARAOKE will remain closed.
  • ŸDancing activities not allowed.
  • ŸEach membership only accompanies a maximum of 3 guests.
Changing room
  • ŸTemporarily closed of Sauna Room and Steam Room.
  • ŸShowers and changing rooms are partially available.
  • ŸExcept having a shower, all persons must wear mask.
Children Playroom
  • ŸMaximum capacity of 15 persons. (Including parent or guardian)
  • ŸEach membership only accompanies a maximum of 1 adult and 2 children.
  • ŸEach group is limited to 30 minutes.
  • Game machines are partially available to remain the social distance.

*The number of users does not include the staff.